Terms and Conditions


1.  Introduction

This is a binding agreement that exclusively sets out the rights and obligations between us and the customer. In consideration of us agreeing to provide MyCard Protector and / or Send and Shred products, services and website services, the customer agrees to comply with these Terms and Conditions. The customer shows acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by purchasing or using one of our products or services or lodging an order on our website.  

2. Send and Shred - Special Terms

The following terms apply only to Send and Shred products and services.


Customer obligations
The customer must only fill their package with paper documents. They must ensure their package is securely sealed with the inbuilt seal, lodge it in person in a post office (not in a post box) and keep the lodgement receipt with its tracking number. The customer may arrange for a trusted agent to lodge a package in a post office on their behalf, provided that the customer collects and keeps the lodgement receipt. Packages must be lodged within nine months of purchase. The customer must not fill their package beyond capacity or overfill a package so that it becomes difficult or impossible to seal.

The customer must not seek the return of their package after lodgement, as all packages will be destroyed and cannot be recovered. The customer must not put any prohibited or dangerous goods in their package or draw, write on or attach anything to the outside of the package.

The customer must not put significant amounts of non-paper material in their package but may include small amounts attached to documents. For instance, the customer must remove bulldog clips and heavy plastic and metal bindings, but may leave staples, paperclips and light spiral bindings in place.


Our obligations
We will provide lodgement, processing, transport, delivery and tracking services, secure destruction services and recycling services for lodged packages. We will also upload an electronic Destruction Certificate to our website once the package has been destroyed, which the customer can download by entering their tracking number. We routinely subcontract the delivery of these services as set out below. We will take all reasonable steps to safeguard the security of the sealed package throughout this process.

We or our contractors may refuse lodgement for any reason. If refused because the customer misused the package or breached one of these Terms and Conditions, no replacement or refund will be provided. If refused for any other reason, the customer may seek a replacement or refund.

Australia Post services - lodgement, processing, transport, delivery and tracking. 
We routinely subcontract delivery of empty bags and lodgement, processing, transport, tracking and delivery of filled bags to Australia Post


Capital Destruction Services - secure destruction
We routinely subcontract secure destruction services to Capital Destruction Services. We require Capital Destruction Services to maintain security standards consistent with industry practices and all applicable security licenses. We require Capital Destruction Services to maintain a secure chain of custody from package receipt through to secure destruction and to securely shred the outside packaging as well as the contents.


We require Capital Destruction Services to securely shred and bale paper and then ship this securely shredded paper to paper mills and recyclers. We require that these arrangements provide genuine recycling, with at least 98% of paper documents recycled into new paper products.


Time Frames
We aim to provide these services within the following time frames.

  • Lodge, process, handle and deliver the package to the Capital Destruction Services facility within 2 to 10 business days of lodgement.
  • Securely shred package contents within 48 hours of receipt at Capital Destruction Services facility.
  • Upload Destruction Certificate to our website within 48 hours of destruction.

We will not meet these time frames where a package is lost or stolen or where alternate handling applies.


Lost Packages
We take all reasonable steps to ensure that every lodged package is securely handled and destroyed in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. However, on occasion, we may fail because a package is lost in the mail, stolen or for some other reason. If so, we will upload a notice under the tracking details to provide information about what happened. We will also offer the customer a refund. We may also make a one-off payment to the customer of an amount equivalent to Australia Post's standard lost package payments, at our discretion.


Alternate Handling for Packages
We and our contractors may deal with a package in a way that does not otherwise meet these Terms and Conditions IF we are required to do so by a warrant, court order or law, if the package is physically offensive or if the package is reasonably believed to contain a prohibited or dangerous good. In these circumstances, we and our contractors will act on advice from an appropriate authority, such as the court, police force, customs service, emergency service, defence force, prosecuting authority or post office manager. We may claim the reasonable costs of alternate handling from the customer.


3. MyCard Protector - Special Terms

How does it work?
Most credit cards have RFID chips that allow contactless transactions. Any scanner operating at the right frequency (13.56MHz) can obtain data from these cards unless they are protected. MyCard Protector has an RFID blocking chip that also operates at 13.56MHz. It emits a signal back to the scanner that provides an electronic shield preventing the scanner from obtaining credit card information. MyCard Protector provides a minimum 10mm shield forwards and backwards, protecting credit cards within this range.


Real World Test
The minimum shield is 10mm directly in front and behind MyCard Protector, but our tests have found the shield often performs better. Exact coverage depends on customers' wallet dimensions and card placement. To ensure they are protected, customers should run a Real World test. This can be done by attempting a contactless transaction (eg.PayWave, PayPass, Tap and Go) while cards and MyCard Protector are stored in the usual places in the customer's wallet. Some customers may find they need to use more than one MyCard Protector to cover all cards in their wallet, especially if they have a long or large wallet.


Other signals
MyCard Protector may also block signals in other situations. For instance, our testing has shown some cards trigger some store security gates. Please contact us if you require further details.


We warrant that MyCard Protector will work for twelve months from the date of purchase. As MyCard Protector is not battery operated and has no moving parts that can fail, customers may find it works much longer than this minimum lifespan. Customers may check whether their MyCard Protector is still functioning by running the 'Real World' test described above.


MyCard Protector Limitations
MyCard Protector is designed to shield nearby cards from contactless transactions. It does not guarantee that a customer will never be defrauded or skimmed.

Customers may experience credit card fraud despite using MyCard Protector. Common reasons include the following.

  • Card was skimmed when outside of the wallet.
  • Card was skimmed when inside the wallet, but outside MyCard Protector's range. To avoid this, run the "Real World" test described above.
  • Card information was collected during an authorised transaction, and then misused for an unauthorised transaction.
  • Card information was collected online by data thieves.
  • Card information was collected from hard copy sources other than the card (eg. paper bank statements).

Customer Obligations
Customers must use MyCard Protector in the manner specified above. Customers must ensure cards that require protection are stored within the range of MyCard Protector's field and must conduct their own Real World Test to ensure MyCard Protector's shield is operating as required.


4. Website and Online Shop

Website users
Website users must respect our intellectual property, including all trademarks and logos. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information on our website is accurate. Our website contains links to websites operated by third parties, and we take no responsibility for any aspect of those third party websites.


Online orders
A customer lodging an order via our website must complete accurate contact details so that we can fill the order and contact the customer if needed. If a customer provides incorrect details, we are under no obligation to refund purchase, postage and handling costs. We may reject an order for any reason. If we do not fill an order, the customer must accept a refund.


Payment and Credit Card Security
We use Shopify's secure gateway to process online transactions. This is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant secure gateway. From the time that a customer is asked to supply payment information, the customer enters a secure environment. Payment information is entered directly into the gateway. We do not collect or store credit card information.

We store some personal information on our secure server, such as contact details. Staff only access this information where necessary to process an order, provide a refund or deal with a complaint. For details, see our Privacy Policy on our website.


We dispatch orders promptly and deliver packages via Australia Post's regular untracked letter service. Dispatch and delivery will be delayed if the customer provides incorrect contact, delivery or payment details, if credit card funds are not approved or if fraudulent activity is suspected. We deliver most orders within 1 to 10 business days. A customer requiring faster delivery should contact us prior to lodging their order.


5. Refunds and Replacements

30-day money-back refund
We offer a 30 days money-back guarantee. A customer can return an unused product for any reason within 30 days of lodging their order. We will refund the purchase price minus our shipping and handling costs.

To obtain a change of mind refund, please Contact Us.


Other refunds
A customer may obtain a replacement or refund for any product or service that fails to meet a Consumer Guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law, or otherwise fails to meet these Terms and Conditions. The customer must seek the replacement or refund within 3 months of ordering the product or service.

The customer should apply in the first instance by contacting us. We may ask the customer to post back the faulty goods. If we find the product or our services are faulty, we will offer a replacement or refund. We will cover the full purchase price including our postage and handling costs and the customer's reasonable postage costs for returning the package.


6. Complaints

A customer may lodge a complaint with us by Contacting Us or by writing to the Director, GGJC Pty Ltd, 1/24 Chapman Street, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620. We will investigate and advise the results within 5 business days of receiving the complaint.


7. Liability and Release

To the extent permissible by law (most importantly the Australian Consumer Law), our liability is limited. We and our contractors are not liable for loss or damage arising from or caused by injury, illness or death of any person, loss or mishandling of a Send and Shred package or any other loss or damage connected with our products or services. We and our contractors disclaim all conditions and warranties other than those contained in these Terms and Conditions. The customer releases us from, and indemnifies us against, any action or claim connected with our products or services.

If we do become liable, to the extent permissible by law our liability is limited to providing a replacement or refund. If we or our contractors make a payment to a customer for any reason, it is not an admission of a breach or liability.

We are not liable for any breach of these Terms and Conditions arising wholly or partly from causes beyond our control, including natural disasters, acts of war or civil unrest.


8. General Clauses

If we breach any of these Terms and Conditions, our rights, immunities and limitations of liability remain in force. If any clause is found unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the rest of the Terms and Conditions remain in force.

We may vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The current version will appear on our website. Without written authorisation, no employee, servant, agent or contractor may make representations on our behalf about these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Australian Capital Territory.


9. Interpretation and Dictionary

Unless otherwise indicated, words in the singular include the plural and vice versa. The following words have these meanings:

Australia Post means the Australian Postal Corporation ABN 28 864 970 579.

Consumer Guarantee means the consumer guarantee defined by the Australian Consumer Law.

Customer means a person who has ordered, purchased or used a MyCard Protector or Send and Shred product or service.

Lodge means to lodge a Send and Shred package in a post office.

MyCard Protector means the card and service operated under that name by GGJC Pty Ltd and includes GGJC Pty Ltd.

Package means a specially designed and labelled Send and Shred envelope or bag distributed by GGJC Pty Ltd and sold by Send and Shred, GGJC Pty Ltd or another vendor.

post office means an office in Australia:

  1. established by Australia Post for the supply of postal services; or   
  2. conducted by an agent of Australia Post.

physically offensive means, in the reasonable opinion of Send and Shred or its contractors, offensive to the physical senses or sensibilities.

prohibited or dangerous good means an item classified as either prohibited or dangerous or both in the Australia Post Terms and Conditions.

Send and Shred means the service operated under that name by GGJC Pty Ltd, and includes GGJC Pty Ltd.

tracking means notification of the stage or location of a package after it has been lodged and prior to its delivery to the shredding facility.

We and us means Send and Shred and / or MyCard Protector and / or GGJC Pty Ltd.

website in relation to Send and Shred or our website means www.sendandshred.com.au

Operated by GGJC Pty Ltd ABN 25 617 752 075
1/24 Chapman Street, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620
sales@sendandshred.com.au  / sendandshred.com.au