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COVID-19 Coronavirus changes

Is Send and Shred still operating during the COVID-19 pandemic?

How do I lodge my bag during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Is Send and Shred still recycling during the COVID 19 pandemic?

Are Send and Shred bags clean and safe?

How does Send and Shred work?

I ordered my Send and Shred bags, when will I get them?

How does Send and Shred work?

Why should I use Send and Shred?

How do I buy a Send and Shred bag?

What can I put in my Send and Shred bag?

How do I lodge and track my bag?

How do I get my Destruction Certificate?

What if I already have a paper shredder at home?

Do you donate money to the RSPCA?

Can I get a refund?

I have another question, can you help me?

Why isn't tracking working?

Is Send and Shred secure?

Is my paperwork safe?

Am I at risk of identity theft?

What should I do if I've been the victim of identity theft?

What sort of information should I protect?

Is this website secure?

Does Send and Shred recycle?

Do you really recycle it?

Why doesn't home shredding recycle?

Do home shredders become e waste in landfill?

I run a business, how will Send and Shred help?

Do I need to shred it?

Can my business afford a Data Breach?

Can I afford to shred in-house?

Am I breaking the law?

Are there special data rules for health business?

Do my customers prefer paper?

Do my customers care about privacy?

What if my business already has a paper shredder?

What are Send and Shred's store policies?

What are Send and Shred's standard terms?

What is Send and Shred's privacy policy?

When will I get my order?

Can I get a refund?