Send and Shred supports RSPCA

Send and Shred donates 50c from every bag to the RSPCA. Today, Send and Shred handed over the first donation, which will help gorgeous pups like Novak, Selena and Venus.

Send and Shred CEO, Jo Clay, explained that around 1 in 4 Australians has fallen victim to identity theft. “That’s why police say don't throw sensitive paperwork in the bin.

"Most Australians are cautious about personal information," Jo said. "Our research shows 47% of households own a home shredder. These help protect you from fraud, but they don't help our environment. Most home shredders end up in landfill, along with the paper they've shredded. Household recycling facilities can't process loose shredded paper, so even if you put it in your recycling bin, it ends up in landfill.

"We estimate that home shredding sends around 1.5 million shredders and 11,000 tonnes of shredded paper to landfill each year. That's why we came up with Send and Shred. We wanted a service that recycles, instead of a product that creates waste."

RSPCA ACT CEO, Michelle Robertson is pleased to be working with Send and Shred as this initiative will not only help the 3,800 plus animals that come through the shelter each year but also help the environment. “In order to continue the vital work we do here -- looking after abused, neglected and abandoned animals -- we need support from the Canberra community. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Send and Shred as this social enterprise grows.

Send and Shred is The Green Shed's latest charity recycling business. The Green Shed has donated over $700,000 to charity so far.

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