Scam Smart Privacy Week

It's Privacy Week 12 - 18 May. Send and Shred say you're better safe than scammed. 

The ACCC reported 378,000 scams last year that took half a billion dollars from Australians. Actual losses are higher because most scams aren't reported. Consistent with overall crime trends, property theft is dropping but scams and data theft are increasing.

Send and Shred's board members have a personal interest in scams. They've all fallen victim at one time or another.

Company founder, Graham Mannall, developed the idea of a simple household shredding company after he was scammed. 'My credit card was duplicated and used without my knowledge,' Graham said. 'If I didn't keep a close eye on my money, I may not have noticed. I lost a lot of time calling my bank and the whole experience was very stressful. At least I got the money back and didn't lose my credit rating. Other victims aren't so lucky.'

Graham never found out how the scammers got his details and the criminals were never caught. 'Most scammers aren't prosecuted,' Graham said. 'They operate anonymously, often from overseas. It's hard to track them down and even harder to prove they did it. It made me realise that I had to protect myself because no one else can.'

Graham also worries about business breaches. 'I work as a consultant,' he said. 'Client privacy is essential. I can't throw work papers in the bin. I burned out several paper shredders before launching the company. Staying safe is a lot simpler with Send and Shred.'

How can you avoid scams? Follow our top tips.
1) Empty your mailbox daily.
2) Shred old paperwork.
3) Use the government's Stay Smart Online site.
4) Check your email accounts on the Information Commissioner’s recommended ;--have i been pwned site run by Troy Hunt. 

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