1 in 4 are victims

1 in 4 are victims of identity theft. This costs the community billions each year.

Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, has announced a security review to fight rising identity theft.

"Each year, many Australians fall victim to identity crime, with an estimated cost of over $2 billion annually," Mr Dutton said.

"The effective management and sharing of identity information is also critical to maintaining public trust in the delivery of government services.

"Citizens want to know that their privacy is maintained and the services being provided are tailored to their needs and easy to use."

The review will look for ways that Australians can protect their information from misuse. Specifically, the review wants convenient, efficient and effective services for individuals and businesses.

If you run a business, take care with personal information for yourself and your clients. Review your online safety regularly. Never throw personal paperwork in a street bin.

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